The perfect holiday stocking stuffers

As one Twitter user stated, this list will be almost impossible to narrow down, but I’ve picked a few things that I think any rider would like to see in their stocking this year!

– Hair nets: You can never have too many hairnets, really. You can find them at any tack store! Easy squeezy lemon peasy.

One Knot Hairnets from SmartPak. They come in several different colors to match different hair shades.


– Socks: This is something every equestrian will appreciate. We can always use more socks, whether they are thicker for the winter or thinner for the summer. Zocks are great too. They come in all sorts of cute colors and patterns and are a great way to express ourselves even when we need to be conservative and clean in the show ring.

Ovation Zocks, available at Dover Saddlery & other tack stores.


– Gift cards: Yet another great stocking stuffer. Equestrians always prefer to get some sort of money in place of a present. There’s always a vet bill, a farrier bill, or some other thing our horse/horses may need. A gift card allows us to control what we buy and ensures we don’t get something we don’t want and/or need (hard to imagine, but this does happen).

SmartPak gift card.


– Lip balm: Winter weather sucks, and it’s extremely hard on our skin and lips. Chapped lips are more common in the winter, and it can happen even if you have an indoor ring. Getting the right lip balm to sooth your favorite equestrian’s chapped, dry lips can go a long way. It’s also tiny and would go great in a stocking! I love EOS lip balm, Burt’s Bees, and EcoLicious Equestrian.

EOS lip balm.


– Gloves: If you do a lot of barn work or a lot of riding, it is easy to go through pairs of gloves quickly. A new pair of gloves is like a pack of hairnets or a pair of socks – they’re always needed and always appreciated. Whether it’s work gloves for barn chores or insulated riding gloves for the winter, you can be sure your gift recipient will thank you! And thankfully for you, gloves come in all sorts of budgets, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money for something like this – though you can if you want to, really.

SSG Fleece Lined Winter Gripper Gloves, available from SmartPak for $8.50


– A package of peppermints: Horses love peppermints, and buying a bag of them for your favorite equestrian to give to his or her furry buddy would be great! We go through horse treats very quickly, and having a spare bag of mints on hand is perfect! You can also substitute this with a box of sugar cubes or some other small bag of treats that is stocking sized. Check out Charleigh’s Cookies, Nicker Bait, Pink Pony Bakery, or Pony Pizza Company for some unique and yummy options. Ps. Yum factor has been provided by my horses, not myself. Pps. You could also put these in your horse’s stocking.

Peppermints are a tasty treat most horses love, and they will freshen your horse's hay breath at the same time!

Peppermints are a tasty treat most horses love, and they will freshen your horse’s hay breath at the same time!


– Horse-themed car decal: If you know someone who likes to express their love for certain things on their car, a horse-themed car decal would be perfect! There are many companies that make these including SmartPak and a company I’ve used before, Nicker Stickers. There are all sorts of cute stickers out there depending on your riding discipline or the type of horse you have.

‘Got Paint?’ car decal available at

Obviously there are a ton more options for stocking stuffers out there – any small horse-related item could fit into a stocking! These are just a few ideas I had, and they are common things a horse lover would want to find in their stocking, especially because so many of them are extremely useful in our sport.

SmartPak Haul!

As most of you know, I am graduating law school later this month, and my parents have gotten me quite a few things as graduation presents. One of those things was originally going to be a GPA Speed Air. I tried it on a few days ago, and the helmet did not fit my head right. I tried several different sizes with my hair up and down. With the GPA helmet out of the running, I decided I would just get a bunch of stuff from my favorite tack stores. I am still waiting on a few things, including a brand new Ogilvy half pad cover (yes, I’m addicted), but my SmartPak order came in today!

SmartPak Items

SmartPak Items

Clockwise from top left: Bradley Performance Short Sleeve Show Shirt in white with blue lining; SmartPak Piper Breeches in black with white lining; Back On Track hock boots; Kerrits Ice Fil Mesh Tank in coral; Ariat Prix Sleeveless Polo in cherry; Heritage Pro-Flow Summer Show Gloves; Tailored Sportsman Full Monty Belt in orange.

I also got a pair of EquiFit T-Boots for my green bean who LOVES to jump and will be doing the jumpers this summer to start off his show career! They are not pictured because I tried them on him this evening to make sure they fit.

If you do not already own a pair of Piper breeches, you must get them. They are amazingly comfortable, fit well, and are very durable. They also come in all sorts of awesome color combinations. I own several pairs of Piper breeches including the maroon ones, the emerald ones, the coral ones, and now the black ones. They run a little big, so if you are in between sizes, I would size up. I’m the smallest size available, and they are still a bit large on me, but just in the leg area. It’s not so much that I can’t wear them or that it’s noticeable.

I also own the Kerrits Ice Fil Mesh Tank but in purple. It actually does keep me cool in the summer. The cool technology does not get lost once it is washed either. I usually let the shirt air dry. I really love the coral color! I like to ride in sleeveless shirts when it gets super hot. I am very sensitive to the heat, so tank tops work best for me when it gets really hot. I also hate having a farmer’s tan. Along with the Kerrits tank, I own the Ariat Prix Sleeveless Polo in navy, so I got another one except in the cherry color.

I got the Back On Track hock boots for my lease horse who has some arthritis in his hocks. He requires hock injections every 6 months if he is not on a joint supplement. I currently have him on SmartFlex III, but I will be using the hock boots as a special treat, especially after jumping lessons. I also already own the Back On Track back pad, which has been AMAZING for his sore back. He really loves the Back On Track products!

If you are interested in any of the items in my haul, they can be found below: