SmartPak Haul!

As most of you know, I am graduating law school later this month, and my parents have gotten me quite a few things as graduation presents. One of those things was originally going to be a GPA Speed Air. I tried it on a few days ago, and the helmet did not fit my head right. I tried several different sizes with my hair up and down. With the GPA helmet out of the running, I decided I would just get a bunch of stuff from my favorite tack stores. I am still waiting on a few things, including a brand new Ogilvy half pad cover (yes, I’m addicted), but my SmartPak order came in today!

SmartPak Items

SmartPak Items

Clockwise from top left: Bradley Performance Short Sleeve Show Shirt in white with blue lining; SmartPak Piper Breeches in black with white lining; Back On Track hock boots; Kerrits Ice Fil Mesh Tank in coral; Ariat Prix Sleeveless Polo in cherry; Heritage Pro-Flow Summer Show Gloves; Tailored Sportsman Full Monty Belt in orange.

I also got a pair of EquiFit T-Boots for my green bean who LOVES to jump and will be doing the jumpers this summer to start off his show career! They are not pictured because I tried them on him this evening to make sure they fit.

If you do not already own a pair of Piper breeches, you must get them. They are amazingly comfortable, fit well, and are very durable. They also come in all sorts of awesome color combinations. I own several pairs of Piper breeches including the maroon ones, the emerald ones, the coral ones, and now the black ones. They run a little big, so if you are in between sizes, I would size up. I’m the smallest size available, and they are still a bit large on me, but just in the leg area. It’s not so much that I can’t wear them or that it’s noticeable.

I also own the Kerrits Ice Fil Mesh Tank but in purple. It actually does keep me cool in the summer. The cool technology does not get lost once it is washed either. I usually let the shirt air dry. I really love the coral color! I like to ride in sleeveless shirts when it gets super hot. I am very sensitive to the heat, so tank tops work best for me when it gets really hot. I also hate having a farmer’s tan. Along with the Kerrits tank, I own the Ariat Prix Sleeveless Polo in navy, so I got another one except in the cherry color.

I got the Back On Track hock boots for my lease horse who has some arthritis in his hocks. He requires hock injections every 6 months if he is not on a joint supplement. I currently have him on SmartFlex III, but I will be using the hock boots as a special treat, especially after jumping lessons. I also already own the Back On Track back pad, which has been AMAZING for his sore back. He really loves the Back On Track products!

If you are interested in any of the items in my haul, they can be found below:


Equestrian Must Haves for Spring 2014

If you’re anywhere in the Northeast, you’re probably counting the days until spring arrives. This winter has been brutal and probably one of the worst in a while. Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of my unwanted downtime lurking around on the internet racking up a list of things I need (okay.. maybe want) for when my riding life can go back into full gear.

TS Color Chart.

TS Color Chart.

1. New Tailored Sportsman Breeches: TS has added a few new colors to their line of breeches. My favorite is “ultraviolet,” which is available at Dapple Grey. They may not be ultra-conservative or show-appropriate, but they’re fun for schooling! TS breeches are some of my favorites. They fit me perfectly, are comfortable, and do not stain easily – can’t really ask for more!

Piper Knee Patch Breeches – Merlot
Photo Credit:

2. SmartPak Piper Breeches: I got a pair of these during a sale that SmartPak was having on their Piper breeches. I love the color selection, and I couldn’t resist 20% off. I got the merlot color. These are super comfortable, warm enough for colder days, but not too warm that they will be uncomfortable on hotter days. The sizes do run a bit big, so I would advise sizing down if you’re in between two sizes. I unfortunately couldn’t because I wear the smallest size they make, so they are slightly baggy in the legs, but not too bad. I threw them in the washer and dryer to shrink them a bit. Their charcoal and blue jean colored breeches are also really sharp. Also, if you get SmartPaks, you automatically get 10% off the breeches.

My saddle with my Ogilvy Half Pad.

My saddle with my Ogilvy Half Pad.

3. Ogilvy: Okay, so I may be overdoing this to death, but seriously if you haven’t invested in anything Ogilvy by now, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to anything I say on this blog. I have a MemoryFoam Jumper Half Pad, a Hunter Contour Pad, and a soon-to-be custom Baby Pad. If you have never heard of Ogilvy, then go here now. If you have, and don’t know what the big deal is, then check out my review of their half pad. Their products are top notch, worth the money, and most importantly, good for you and your horse. Saddle fitting issues be gone!

4. Le Fash NY Short Sleeve Show Shirts: A brand new item from Le Fash NY for Spring 2014. They are currently available for preorder if you are lucky enough to be at WEF and will be available for preorder on the website soon. The shirts feature all the awesomeness of Le Fash’s show shirts without the added heat and discomfort that accompanies summer showing. Currently, there aren’t any pictures of the shirts except for this one tweeted by Le Fash and Ms. Lauren Mahoney, an up and coming show jumper, but I imagine the shirts will come in many of the same patterns and colors that are currently offered in the long sleeve version.

5. Ecolicious Equestrian Waterless Shampoo: Ecolicious Equestrian is a natural horse care and grooming products company. According to their website, their products are 100% free of nasty chemicals, parabens, and silicones; natural and organic; earth friendly; biodegradable; and packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. In other words, they’re good for the environment and for your horse. Spring does promise a warm-up, but that doesn’t mean it will always be the right temperature for a bath that your horse may so desperately need. Luckily, EcoLicious EQ has a Squeaky Green & Clean Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo. I purchased the shampoo, and you can read my in-depth review here. It retails for $27.95 and is super effective. This is a must have for anyone who likes to make sure their horse looks his or her best at all times. It’s easy to use, all natural, and really works! It also smells amazing. I also recommend checking out their other products. They offer everything from mane & tail shampoos, to hoof oil, to shampoo for use with an actual water bath, and even stuff for equestrians. Definitely check this new company out!

6. Feed through bug supplement: With the spring and summer obviously comes flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and other lovely biting and stinging insects. My pony is super sensitive to gnats and flies that bite his sheath area. I decided to try a feed through bug supplement, specifically SmartBug-Off, and it worked amazingly. He no longer bit his sheath until it was raw, bloody, and swollen. SmartBug-Off is in pellet form and can be bought in SmartPaks or in its own bag. I prefer SmartPaks because they’re pre-measured, sealed, and I know my pony is getting his supplement everyday. I also only give the supplement to him in the spring, summer, and early fall. I have found it to be very effective, and I will be using it again this spring and summer, starting next month. Also, for full disclosure, my pony and I were featured as a SmartPak Success Story for SmartBug-Off last March.

My Barn Child Clover Charm.
Photo Credit: My Barn Child

7. My Barn Child earrings & charms: This suggestion came to me from a Twitter user. I have to confess that I actually do not own any My Barn Child products currently, but they have super cute earrings and charms that can go on your horse’s bridle or on the zippers of your tall boots. Personally, I like the four leaf clover charm. I also love their belts and all the colors they came in (and they’re the perfect width for TS breeches!)

EquiFit D-Teq Boots.
Photo Credit:

8. EquiFit Jumping Boots: This is also a suggestion that came to me from a Twitter user, and I love love love these boots. I actually put them on my list of things an equestrian should splurge on. I actually just saw now that they have a new product called D-Teq Boots that can also be customized, which is right up my alley, and might be something I need once I get my fancy jumping horse. The custom ones are a bit expensive ($378), and the non-custom ones go for around $200. They sound like a definite must have, and they offer amazing protection and shock absorption for your horses’ legs – what more could you want? EquiFit even made a pink version of their D-Teq Boots to support breast cancer! Here’s Ronan McGuigan’s horse, Chapeau, sporting an all-pink ensemble including the boots!

De La Coeur Bonnet.
Photo Credit:

9. De La Coeur Ear Bonnet: I am just becoming familiar with this brand (quell your gasps of shock), and I love them! Something I am definitely going to invest in for the summertime. They have bonnets in all sorts of color combinations, as well as ones with “bling.” I got a blingy ear bonnet for my horse last summer, and it fell apart within a few weeks. I also have a purple and blue one to match my horse’s and pony’s respective colors, but I definitely would love a more conservative one with some bling on it. You can also order a custom bonnet. If you haven’t heard of or seen this brand before, definitely check it out!

A REAL money tree! Seeds & money not included. Photo Credit:

10. A Money Tree: You mean these don’t exist? Well, regardless, this is a must have for any equestrian because let’s face it, this sport is not and never will be cheap.

Do you have anything on this list, or do you think I missed something? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

As always, I can be reached on Twitter, @legaleq, on Facebook, or via email!

10 “Urge to Splurge” Equestrian Items

The title of this post is probably slightly humorous considering pretty much everything in the horse world is a lot of money, but it is possible to get horse-related items that don’t burn a hole in your wallet. Just like everything else, there’s $22 breeches and $300 breeches. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to spend whatever we want for the things we need for ourselves or our horses while others need to budget and search for bargains while making the occasional splurge. Here are 10 items that you should consider if you get that urge to spend a bit more money than you’re comfortable with.

Der Dau Tall Boots.

  1. Der Dau Field Boots: These boots are well-made, comfortable, and durable. Manufactured in Brooklyn, Der Dau has been crafting quality equestrian boots for about 50 years. I’ve heard nothing but good things about these boots, including that they’re extremely easy to break in. Even those that buy the stock sizes have said they feel like customs. I am actually waiting for my pair of Der Dau customs to arrive. I ordered them in December, and I was told they would be here by the end of January or early February (3 – 4 weeks to go..). Stock sizes are listed for around $900, and a pair of customs will easily take you into the mid to upper-1,000 range and higher. There is quite a bit of variety in the stock sizes, so it should be fairly easy to find something that fits you. If you want to splurge even more and go custom, Der Dau has TONS of options available. My custom fitter told me that a lady asked for purple alligator trim on hers. If that isn’t enough, there are also options for the inner calf that include elephant skin, which I did not get. I went with something simple and classic because I wanted it to be show-appropriate, but if you’re all about getting colored alligator skin trim on yours, then go right ahead!

    Photo credit to SmartPak Equine.

  2. Rambo Supreme Turnout: This blanket retails for over $325. If my horse wasn’t so destructive with his blankets, and I had a spare $300 laying around to spend on a blanket, I would buy this for him. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s how handsome the horse looks in the picture, or the fact that the blanket comes in awesome color choices, or that it just looks so damn high-tech, but I am in love with it. It comes in three different weights – no fill, medium fill, and heavy fill. It comes with a removable neck cover, three surcingles, leg arches, and reflective stripes, among other things. It’s outer shell is made of 1000 denier ballistic nylon, which is pretty much the toughest, most durable fabric you can get for an equine turnout blanket. It’s the same stuff that SmartPak uses in its ultimate turnout that comes with a 10-year indestructible guarantee (but it has much cooler colors, if you’re someone who likes to get cool colors on your horse’s clothing, which I am). Major splurge, but it would be worth it.

    Le Fash Financial District City Breeches

  3. Le Fash: If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve been fiending over a pair of Le Fash’s new City Breeches. These breeches are more high-end than some of the most expensive breeches out there and are extremely well-made. They are extremely versatile and can be worn as everyday pants. The City Breeches are slimming, low rise, and stretchy. There are  five color options: Gotham City, which is black; Upper East Side, which is traditional tan (perfect for the hunter ring!); Soho in the Spring, which is white; Tribeca City, which is teal blue; and Financial District, which is grey. Each color choice has saddle brown knee patches and can be purchased with gold front and back pocket rivets. The breeches are manufactured in New York City (not too far from the Brooklyn-made Der Daus). I personally would love a pair of the Financial District breeches. This is an absolute must have for Spring 2014, especially if you are into equestrian high fashion. Those who were lucky enough to snag a preorder pair should have theirs by mid to late February. They are available to two price points, $298 for the breeches without pocket rivets and $308 for breeches with pocket rivets. Pricey, but totally worth it! I also adore Le Fash’s show shirts which come in a variety of unique prints and colors.

    Ogilvy Memory Foam Jumper Half Pad on my pony.

    Ogilvy Memory Foam Jumper Half Pad on my pony.

  4. Ogilvy: After hearing all the rave reviews about their half pads, I finally splurged on a jumper half pad this past November. I ordered the memory foam jumper half pad, available here. It finally arrived this week (custom orders take a bit longer), and I love it. I decided to invest in the Ogilvy half pad because it is known for making saddles fit any horse beautifully. I got to use my pad for the first time yesterday, and I loved it. I have a saddle that was custom fit to my horse, but I used the half pad with my saddle on my pony, and when I schooled a lesson horse at my barn. The pad made the saddle fit beautifully. It looked sleek, professional, and was super soft. I got a white half pad with embroidery on the withers, but I found out from an Ogilvy representative that I could order a cover that I could switch out with the white cover if I wanted more of a color pop, which I will definitely be doing. I also received the memory foam hunter contour pad for Christmas, which I have used a few times as well. The jumper half pad has a base rate of $199, and the price goes up depending on any custom options added to the order. The contour pad has a base rate of $290, and the price goes up depending also on any custom options added. I am a huge fan of these pads already, and I know many equestrians that have splurged on these pads not just for the comfort of their equine friends but also for their own comfort. The pad is anti-slip, moisture wicking, and breathable. It provides special impact protection for the horse’s and rider’s back. It also is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and stain resistant. I definitely will be using this pad on every horse I ride. It doesn’t hurt that this product is used by some well-known big name equestrians like Lillie Keenan, Reed Kessler, and Ian Miller. There are options for hunter, jumper, dressage, and eventing riders. You can also get something for your canine!

    My Butet saddle.
    Note: I have different stirrups on now which can be seen above in the Ogilvy pad picture.

  5. High-end saddle: I did a survey on my Twitter page, and many people stated they would splurge on a high-end saddle. I got a new saddle for my birthday last year and chose a custom fit Beval Butet. It cost quite a bit of money, but was totally worth it. My trainer, who has to ride in her own saddle (she calls herself the princess and the pea), loves my saddle and agrees to ride it in over her own. My barn manager said she hates her older Beval’s saddle now that she’s ridden in mine. Other names that were thrown around were Antares, CWD, Voltaire, and Devoucoux, and one of my Western rider followers said a custom Harris saddle! After riding in school saddles for most of my life, the saddle comfort can make a HUGE difference in one’s ride. School saddles make me hurt in all sorts of uncomfortable and awkward places, and now that I have the Ogilvy pad (see above), I’m thrilled I can use my own saddle on any horse I ride.

    EquiFit LUXE T-Boots.

  6. EquiFit T-Boots: These are my dream boots. I do not have a need for them right now, but when I finally have my fancy show horse, I will be investing in these. They provide excellent support and protection for your horse’s legs. They also do not contain neoprene, which has been known to have trouble getting rid of heat. Have you ever felt the inside of these? I would wear them! They’re that comfortable and soft. They kind of remind me of orthotics, except for horses.


  7. Parlantis: I know I already have one pair of boots on here, but if I had a ton of money and could have multiple pairs of tall boots, I would definitely get a pair of Parlantis. And, when I do have a ton of money, my second pair of tall boots will be Parlantis. When I customized my Der Daus, I stayed classic with what I chose, but I probably would splurge and get some Swarovski crystal accents on my Parlantis. I mean, if I have enough money to invest in two pairs of custom tall boots, I might as well have fun with one of them, right? Whenever I see these boots on a rider, I love them.

    Spooks Show Jacket – Ocean Blue.

  8. Spooks Show Jacket: I am a huge fan of colored horse and rider clothing, which is obviously a bit more acceptable in the jumper ring. If I could splurge on a show jacket for the jumper ring, I would hands down get this one from Spooks. I love anything blue, and this is just an amazing coat. The color really pops, and it would really make a statement in the show ring. I can just imagine all the combinations a rider could do with saddle pads, Ogilvy half pads, show shirts, show jackets, etc. The coral one is also amazing. I’m just in love with these jackets, and I’d probably buy all of them if I could. My number one pick though is definitely the ocean blue color. Must. Have.
  9. Olympic Size Indoor Ring: I’m kicking it up a notch here, but I am currently at a barn without an indoor, so this long stretch of cold/snow/rain/wind/yuck is really putting a damper on my winter riding. It also would be complete with hunter style and jumper style jumps. I grew up without an indoor, so I do love riding outside, but I get kinda irritable if I have to go a week without riding, so an indoor is sort of becoming a must have. Maybe this is a bit unrealistic, but this is my splurge list so I’m gonna dream as big as I want… which brings me to my final equestrian splurge…
  10. Hunter/Jumper/Equitation Import: Raise your hand if you wouldn’t love to have an imported warmblood…. no one? That’s what I thought. I’m currently in love with dapple grey and chestnut warmbloods. Trakehners, Dutch Warmbloods, Hanoverians.. give me them all. It’s pure torture for me to go on and see all the amazing horses that are for sale, but it gives me motivation to do what I can to make a ton of money so that I can afford that $100,000+ warmblood. In case you want to stare at your computer screen and drool too, here’s a few that I’m trying to wish into my life: Over Achiever, Sinatra, Nero, Springsteen, Wister, and the horse I would buy in a heartbeat, EnzoNote: I had to cut myself off at 6 because there are just way too many horses I love on that website, and that’s just one website. Yikes.

That’s my list. For now.

Let me know what you think! What’s one of your must have splurge items?