Must Have Equestrian Fashion Items for Fall 2014


Le Fash Central Park City Breech.

1. Le Fash: I finally bought my first Le Fash shirt last year, and I am IN LOVE with it. I since have picked up three Le Fash long sleeve show shirts. I also own one of their short sleeve show shirts and two of their sport polos. Their Spring 2015 collection is being rolled out this month, and their new City Breech colors are already on the website. One of the greatest things about the brand is that their clothes are able to worn in day-to-day life. You could wear one of their shirts to work and only have to change into breeches when you get to the barn (I have personally done this – it works flawlessly). I love the versatility of the brand, and the designs are gorgeous. Le Fash clothes are 100% show appropriate and have already made their way into the show ring with sponsored riders Jennifer Alfano, Maggie Jayne, and Hunter Holloway. The Spring 2015 City Breech colors are to die for, and I will be purchasing the Central Park hunter green for myself. The new show shirt colors aren’t up on the website yet, but Le Fash has posted a preview to its Facebook page, and they look gorgeous!

Asmar Equestrian Active Compression Top.

2. Asmar Equestrian: I recently became a fan of Asmar Equestrian, and I have one of their compression shirts on order right now. Not only do they look super cute, but they serve a dual purpose: keeping muscles warm and wicking sweat away. I cannot wait to wear this in the fall, especially during those rides where I get super sweaty and then super cold once I’m done riding due to the cold temperatures. The shirt comes in black  and can be found here or here. There is also a lux compression top that looks amazingly gorgeous. You should also check out their show shirts and their sweaters! I just bought their Merino Wool v-neck in Caribbean, and I. love. it. Super comfortable, super soft, and very flattering! I pretty much love all their apparel.

Rebecca Ray Bit Belt in black.

3. Rebecca Ray Bit Belt: If you haven’t checked out Rebecca Ray already, you must do so. She has a ton of cute equestrian themed stuff like wrist cuffs, handbags, home decorations, and more. I have been wanting the Rebecca Ray Bit Belt. The belt comes in black, brown, or red leather with a silver snaffle bit. The belt can be buckled in the front so that the bit is on the hip or buckled on the side so the bit is in the front. This is a definite must have for the fall. I mean, who DOESN’T need more belts? (Seriously.. if your breeches have belt loops, wear a belt!) The bit belt can be found here or here.

Spur belt available at Equestri Lifestyle

4. Spur Belt: One of my favorite tack shops, Equestri Lifestyle, has spur belts that are super cute and fun. They come in 9 different colors (on the website), including black if you want to remain conservative. The belt buckle resembles a spur. I’ve seen a ton of different color combinations with these belts, and I love them all. Equestri Lifestyle allows special orders, so if you want a color not on the website or a certain material for the actual belt, they can accommodate you! I personally love the aqua, light patent pink, and black colors. These belts would go great with one of the Asmar Equestrian polos, a Le Fash show shirt, or an EIS mesh shirt!

Renard et Cheval show coat in brown. Photo Credit: Equestri Lifestyle Facebook page.

Renard et Cheval show coat in brown. Photo Credit: Equestri Lifestyle Facebook page.

5. Renard et Cheval: This is a fairly new equestrian apparel brand, but their stuff is gorgeous. Alexa Skonieczny who also owns Equestri Lifestyle gave me the rundown on this brand new line created by individuals that spent years making custom show clothing for Karl Cook, Marcus Enhning, and Nick Skelton. They offer breeches, shirts, and show coats. Their breeches come in two colors: pomegranate and tan. Their shirts come in multiple colors and have details such as magnetic collars, printed collars and cuffs, mesh under sleeve, and fun designs in the collars and cuffs. Their show coats (the brown is to die for) come in four basic “off the rack” designs. However, you can get a custom collar or a completely custom coat for extra money on top of the base price. The brand is still new, but it can be found at Equestri Lifestyle, Barrington Saddlery, Allon, and Stirrup Cup.


My Barn Child Evil Eye charm.

6. My Barn Child Evil Eye Charm: For those of you that don’t know what the “evil eye” is, it is a curse that is cast by a malevolent glare that is given when a person is unaware. It is often thought to cause misfortune or injury to the person that receives it. It has different names in different cultures; my favorite being the “stink eye” which comes from Hawaii. To protect oneself from the evil eye, you can wear evil eye jewelry which is meant to reflect the evil eye back towards the giver and keep you from receiving the curse. While I know this sounds like a bunch of mythical lore, but I really like the concept, and I actually had an evil eye bracelet until I lost it riding one day. Given the stuff I’ve been dealing with recently when it comes to riding (lots of gossiping and competitiveness), I decided to get the My Barn Child Evil Eye charm to put on my saddle and protect me from any negativity and bad karma. Even though we may try to avoid it, riding can be extremely competitive and catty, and the evil eye charm is the perfect way to combat that (if you believe in protective talismans, that is.. which I definitely do)!

Under Armour Authentic Tights.

7. SmartPak Under Armour: Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be at a facility that has a heated barn and indoor ring.. or even an indoor ring. If this winter is anything like last winter, and sources say it will be, we are definitely going to need more winter clothing to keep us from freezing. Under Armour and SmartPak teamed up to make a line suited for equestrians. They have items for the cold and hot days, but I am just going to be focusing on the cold days. My favorites are the Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Crew, the Under Armour Authentic Tights, the  Under Armour Infrared Full Zip Jacket, and the Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Liner Glove. Each of these items uses your own body heat to keep your warm while making sure you also stay dry if you begin sweating. The tights and the glove liners are a great idea because you can wear them under your breeches and winter gloves for those extra cold days. I personally wore leggings under my breeches several days this past winter because it was that cold. We may hate the cold weather, but it’s something we have to deal with, so we might as well do it right!

Lillie Keenan & her Personally Preppy helmet monogram.

Lillie Keenan & her Personally Preppy helmet monogram.

8. Personally Preppy Monograms: I love the idea of monogramming, especially if multiple people at the same barn have the same stuff. Personally Preppy offers monograms for all the essential riding gear: helmets, gloves, boots, horse boots, spurs, and crops! You can also purchase monogrammed polos, a monogram for your show backpack, and a heat transfer monogram to put on your breeches or other apparel. They are customizable, and you can choose from a variety of different sizes, colors, and designs. Plus, Lillie Keenan uses them so what more do you need to know?

Ecolicious Equestrian Hey Sugar Lip Silk.

9. Ecolicious Equestrian Hey Sugar Lip Silk: Winter air is often very cold and very dry which is not necessarily the greatest combination for our skin or lips. My lips tend to get very chapped in the winter, especially because I still ride outside. My solution? Tons of lip balm. The Hey Sugar Lip Silk from Ecolicious Equestrian is AMAZING. Not only does it smell fantastic, it tastes fantastic too (not that I’ve been eating it………..), and it keeps my lips soft and moisturized all day. Just like every Ecolicious product, the lip silk is made from all natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax. It’s great for your lips and great for the environment!

Parlanti Passion Miami boots

10. Parlanti Passion Tall Boots: I love my custom Der Daus, but I ride so much that I wanted to get a pair of schooling tall boots that didn’t break the bank. I decided to purchase a pair of stock size Parlantis over the summer. I got my pair, and they felt like they were broken in already even though I was putting them on for the first time! Mine do not fit me perfectly, but for stock size tall boots, they are pretty damn close which I cannot say about other brands. I love these boots, and they are amazing quality for a stock size boot. A size chart is available here. I have always heard great things about Parlantis, and these did not disappoint even though I did not spend the money to get a custom pair. Tall boots are a must have, especially if you will be showing. Not everyone can afford custom boots, so these are a great alternative. They are available here or here.

Gorgeous custom Samshield helmet featuring Alcantara body, Galuchat top, and Swarovski Zircom trim.

11. Samshield helmet: So, earlier this year I was obsessed with GPA helmets. Then I tried one on. None of them fit my head, and I quickly was over it. It seems as if Samshield helmets have been catching on lately, and I love them. I currently have a Charles Owen AYR8, and I am strongly considering purchasing a Samshield in the near future. Here’s what I like about the Samshield: it’s vented, so it will keep you cool in the summer; it has removable and washable liners; the padding does not make contact with your forehead which is GREAT news for migraine sufferers like myself; and the helmet itself is customizable (though some of the options will run you into the thousands). Samshields are available pretty much anywhere, so I can’t link you to all the available vendors, but you can definitely find them at SmartPak and Dover Saddlery.

Small Business Alert: Barn Queen Accessories

Equestrian jewelry is a huge trend right now. There’s everything from tack and boot charms to horse-themed necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

I am sure many of us have horse hair bracelets, whether it’s to remember a dearly departed horse we once loved and owned or to keep our current horse close to our hearts when we aren’t at the barn. One rider has taken the horse hair bracelet trend and given it her own “sparkle.”

Barn Queen Accessories is a fairly new company, only started in January of this year. They make horse hair bracelets, tack charms, and curb chain bracelets (my personal favorite, but more on that later…) Barn Queen’s founder also has a few other products in the works!

Barn Queen Accessories was founded by Maddie, a dressage rider who has recently decided to try eventing. She has been riding since she was 11 years old, and she currently has a 14.3 hh Haflinger mare named Bethany, who she also describes as the “Barn Princess.”

Maddie & Bethany. Photo Credit:

Maddie & Bethany.
Photo Credit:

Maddie started Barn Queen Accessories to show off her own creative side.

“I am the type of person who will look at something and think ‘I can do that.’ What first started with me just trying things has turned into a talent. I never would have expected that I could make some of things that I do, but after trying I thought: ‘Wow, I’m kind of good at this!’ When I found some interest through people local to me, I thought I would try to expand to creating a company, and I am so glad that I did,” Maddie said. “I really honestly just have fun making the things that I do, and when people are satisfied with my creations, it literally just warms my heart. I am very much a people person, and I really love making someone’s day.”

Maddie chose the name “Barn Queen” originally because of Bethany, the resident Barn Princess, but it has taken on a new and positive meaning in Maddie’s eyes.

“When I think of a ‘Barn Queen,’ I do not think of the typical dressage queen/diva that most people probably think of. I actually think of someone who is well established, confident, and independent, but elegant,” Maddie said. “In the real world, people are naturally drawn towards those type of people, and I chose that name because I wanted people to be drawn towards that type of company, but also something fun!”

Maddie also added that the word queen usually makes someone think of jewels and sparkles, a theme that she recreates with her accessories.

Currently, Maddie handles all of the orders for the company. She also has two helpers, Erica, who assists with the website, and Jordan, who is a brand ambassador (though Barn Queen Accessories has termed their ambassadors ‘Princesses’).

The Princess Charm, named after the brand ambassadors. Photo Credit:

The Princess Charm, named after the brand ambassadors.
Photo Credit:

Maddie looks for girls that are respectable, fun, and happy equestrians when she is choosing brand ambassadors. She wants an individual that would represent Barn Queen Accessories well and also be a team player. She plans on choosing more Princesses in the future as the brand gets bigger and more well-known.

A lot of individuals make horsehair bracelets, so we were curious what made Barn Queen Accessories’ horsehair bracelets different from the competition.

Rhinestone Horse Hair Bracelet in Amethyst. Photo Credit:

Rhinestone Horse Hair Bracelet in Amethyst.
Photo Credit:

“Many bracelets that I have seen are either a round twist or a 12-strand (like the Prism braid). Although I can and do make these styles, my original designs are not like any I have ever seen before!” Maddie said. “My Rhinestone Horse Hair Bracelet is completely my idea—it was definitely a challenge to create at first, but after I did, I was totally in love with it. I have one for myself that I’ve made with Bethany’s hair.”

Barn Queen also has a Speckled Horse Hair Bracelet and will be making round twist bracelets as well. According to Maddie, the most popular Barn Queen items are the Rhinestone Horse Hair Bracelets and the Monogrammed Tack Charms.

Monogrammed Tack Charm. Photo Credit:

Monogrammed Tack Charm.
Photo Credit:

One reason I got interested in Barn Queen was the crystal curb chain – something I had never seen before.

The curb chain bracelets are curb chains with rhinestones placed in them. Maddie stated she would potentially use a customer’s horse’s already existing curb chain, but it would depend on the curb chain’s condition and what it looked like before she was certain she could make a bracelet out of it.

Crystal Curb Chain Bracelet. Photo Credit:

Crystal Curb Chain Bracelet.
Photo Credit:

Finally, Barn Queen Accessories has some new products in the works.

  • Leather belts with horse hair
  • Browbands with horse hair and jewels, which should be released in the next week
  • Horse hair tassels or charms
  • Leather bracelets
  • Name tags
  • Different styles for the horse hair bracelets

Maddie handmakes every product ordered from Barn Queen, and she also places a huge emphasis on what the customer wants. She is “very open to ideas”!

In the future, Maddie hopes to continue to develop Barn Queen Accessories’ presence within the horse world. Overall, she wants to keep making her customers happy and become a reputable designer.

Interested in Barn Queen Accessories products? You can check them out on the web. They also can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A look inside my wishlist…

I’ve got a few items on my list that I would love to have right about now (who doesn’t?) My list tends to change based on my or my horses’ needs, equestrian trends, and my mood. That being said, here are a few things I would like…

Butet Natural Saddle. Photo Credit to

1. New medium tree saddle: My two boys are very wide, so my wide tree Butet fits them perfectly. However, I would love a medium tree Butet, or if I have to bring myself down in price range, I’ve been seriously considering the Butet Natural saddle. I haven’t sat in it yet to see how comfortable it is, and to be honest, nothing can beat the love at first sight I (and my butt) had when I sat in the Butet, but it’s worth a look. But really.. let’s hope my parents will get me another Butet for graduation.

Tailored Sportsman Quilted Clarino Belt in Dusty Blue. Photo credit to

2. Tailored Sportsman Quilted Clarino Belt: I am in love with this belt especially because it comes in all sorts of colors. I also just recently got the spring Dover Saddlery catalog, and their Tailored Sportsman section was torture. They matched the dusty blue color with a color shade of TS breeches that I currently own, so obviously I had to have the belt too. Plus, I love anything blue.

SmartPak Piper Knee Patch Breeches in Navy/Emerald. Photo credit to

3. SmartPak Navy/Emerald Piper Breeches: I already own a pair of these in the Merlot color, but they recently came out with several new colors that I adore. However, if I had to pick just one, it would be the navy/emerald. I can’t explain it – I just love this color combination! Plus, I think they would look amazing with my tall boots.

LuvInspired Infinite Luck Equestrian Ring. Photo credit to

4. LuvInspired Infinite Luck Equestrian Ring: If y’all haven’t checked out LuvInspired yet, you must go there now. Their jewelry is equestrian-themed, classy, and beautiful. I personally love this ring. I am super excited they offer it in rose gold because that is my favorite jewelry metal right now. I have a few equestrian related pieces of jewelry, but this one is super unique. Plus, LuvInspired is all about positivity and making women feel beautiful no matter what, which is a really important message, especially in this day and age.

GPA Speed Air Helmet. Photo credit to

5. GPA Speed Air / Samshield Helmet: So I confess I actually cannot figure out what helmet I want. I have polled my Twitter followers, and I’ve gotten mixed answers (though majority of people did say Samshield). Both of these helmets are very trendy right now. I personally love that the Speed Air is vented, which would really help during hot summers. I own a Charles Own AYR8 right now, which I love, but everyone could use a change now and then, right?

Ashlee Bond Clarke matches her nails to her Ogilvy. Photo Credit to OgilvyEquestrian on Instagram.

Ashlee Bond Clarke matches her nails to her Ogilvy.
Photo Credit to OgilvyEquestrian on Instagram.

6. Grey Ogilvy Jumper Half Pad with Turquoise Piping: So.. I literally just ordered a half pad cover for my current half pad, and there’s already another color combination I’d like. I actually forgot about this combination when I was ordering my cover, but that’s okay – I’ll just have to order another one soon! I’ve seen this color combination on Ogilvy’s Instagram, but I love, love, LOVE the above photo from Ashlee Bond Clarke (who also just happened to win the AIG $1 million Grand Prix last night). I mean, seriously, how could you not want that pad after how stylish Ashlee Bond Clarke just made it?! Also, for those of you thinking it, yeah.. I have an Ogilvy addiction.

Le Fash Navy & Plaid Show Shirt. Photo Credit to

Le Fash Navy & Plaid Show Shirt.
Photo Credit to

7. Navy & Plaid Le Fash NY Show Shirt: I love this color combination, and I am hoping to get my hands on one as soon as Le Fash posts it on their website. It was also worn by Lauren Mahoney in a Horse Junkies United interview with Arianna Vastino, who is the founder of Le Fash. Le Fash show shirts in general are a great investment, and I have heard they hold up well, are super soft, and are of great quality. They also will be selling short sleeve show shirts sometime this spring!

Equestrian Must Haves for Spring 2014

If you’re anywhere in the Northeast, you’re probably counting the days until spring arrives. This winter has been brutal and probably one of the worst in a while. Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of my unwanted downtime lurking around on the internet racking up a list of things I need (okay.. maybe want) for when my riding life can go back into full gear.

TS Color Chart.

TS Color Chart.

1. New Tailored Sportsman Breeches: TS has added a few new colors to their line of breeches. My favorite is “ultraviolet,” which is available at Dapple Grey. They may not be ultra-conservative or show-appropriate, but they’re fun for schooling! TS breeches are some of my favorites. They fit me perfectly, are comfortable, and do not stain easily – can’t really ask for more!

Piper Knee Patch Breeches – Merlot
Photo Credit:

2. SmartPak Piper Breeches: I got a pair of these during a sale that SmartPak was having on their Piper breeches. I love the color selection, and I couldn’t resist 20% off. I got the merlot color. These are super comfortable, warm enough for colder days, but not too warm that they will be uncomfortable on hotter days. The sizes do run a bit big, so I would advise sizing down if you’re in between two sizes. I unfortunately couldn’t because I wear the smallest size they make, so they are slightly baggy in the legs, but not too bad. I threw them in the washer and dryer to shrink them a bit. Their charcoal and blue jean colored breeches are also really sharp. Also, if you get SmartPaks, you automatically get 10% off the breeches.

My saddle with my Ogilvy Half Pad.

My saddle with my Ogilvy Half Pad.

3. Ogilvy: Okay, so I may be overdoing this to death, but seriously if you haven’t invested in anything Ogilvy by now, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to anything I say on this blog. I have a MemoryFoam Jumper Half Pad, a Hunter Contour Pad, and a soon-to-be custom Baby Pad. If you have never heard of Ogilvy, then go here now. If you have, and don’t know what the big deal is, then check out my review of their half pad. Their products are top notch, worth the money, and most importantly, good for you and your horse. Saddle fitting issues be gone!

4. Le Fash NY Short Sleeve Show Shirts: A brand new item from Le Fash NY for Spring 2014. They are currently available for preorder if you are lucky enough to be at WEF and will be available for preorder on the website soon. The shirts feature all the awesomeness of Le Fash’s show shirts without the added heat and discomfort that accompanies summer showing. Currently, there aren’t any pictures of the shirts except for this one tweeted by Le Fash and Ms. Lauren Mahoney, an up and coming show jumper, but I imagine the shirts will come in many of the same patterns and colors that are currently offered in the long sleeve version.

5. Ecolicious Equestrian Waterless Shampoo: Ecolicious Equestrian is a natural horse care and grooming products company. According to their website, their products are 100% free of nasty chemicals, parabens, and silicones; natural and organic; earth friendly; biodegradable; and packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. In other words, they’re good for the environment and for your horse. Spring does promise a warm-up, but that doesn’t mean it will always be the right temperature for a bath that your horse may so desperately need. Luckily, EcoLicious EQ has a Squeaky Green & Clean Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo. I purchased the shampoo, and you can read my in-depth review here. It retails for $27.95 and is super effective. This is a must have for anyone who likes to make sure their horse looks his or her best at all times. It’s easy to use, all natural, and really works! It also smells amazing. I also recommend checking out their other products. They offer everything from mane & tail shampoos, to hoof oil, to shampoo for use with an actual water bath, and even stuff for equestrians. Definitely check this new company out!

6. Feed through bug supplement: With the spring and summer obviously comes flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and other lovely biting and stinging insects. My pony is super sensitive to gnats and flies that bite his sheath area. I decided to try a feed through bug supplement, specifically SmartBug-Off, and it worked amazingly. He no longer bit his sheath until it was raw, bloody, and swollen. SmartBug-Off is in pellet form and can be bought in SmartPaks or in its own bag. I prefer SmartPaks because they’re pre-measured, sealed, and I know my pony is getting his supplement everyday. I also only give the supplement to him in the spring, summer, and early fall. I have found it to be very effective, and I will be using it again this spring and summer, starting next month. Also, for full disclosure, my pony and I were featured as a SmartPak Success Story for SmartBug-Off last March.

My Barn Child Clover Charm.
Photo Credit: My Barn Child

7. My Barn Child earrings & charms: This suggestion came to me from a Twitter user. I have to confess that I actually do not own any My Barn Child products currently, but they have super cute earrings and charms that can go on your horse’s bridle or on the zippers of your tall boots. Personally, I like the four leaf clover charm. I also love their belts and all the colors they came in (and they’re the perfect width for TS breeches!)

EquiFit D-Teq Boots.
Photo Credit:

8. EquiFit Jumping Boots: This is also a suggestion that came to me from a Twitter user, and I love love love these boots. I actually put them on my list of things an equestrian should splurge on. I actually just saw now that they have a new product called D-Teq Boots that can also be customized, which is right up my alley, and might be something I need once I get my fancy jumping horse. The custom ones are a bit expensive ($378), and the non-custom ones go for around $200. They sound like a definite must have, and they offer amazing protection and shock absorption for your horses’ legs – what more could you want? EquiFit even made a pink version of their D-Teq Boots to support breast cancer! Here’s Ronan McGuigan’s horse, Chapeau, sporting an all-pink ensemble including the boots!

De La Coeur Bonnet.
Photo Credit:

9. De La Coeur Ear Bonnet: I am just becoming familiar with this brand (quell your gasps of shock), and I love them! Something I am definitely going to invest in for the summertime. They have bonnets in all sorts of color combinations, as well as ones with “bling.” I got a blingy ear bonnet for my horse last summer, and it fell apart within a few weeks. I also have a purple and blue one to match my horse’s and pony’s respective colors, but I definitely would love a more conservative one with some bling on it. You can also order a custom bonnet. If you haven’t heard of or seen this brand before, definitely check it out!

A REAL money tree! Seeds & money not included. Photo Credit:

10. A Money Tree: You mean these don’t exist? Well, regardless, this is a must have for any equestrian because let’s face it, this sport is not and never will be cheap.

Do you have anything on this list, or do you think I missed something? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

As always, I can be reached on Twitter, @legaleq, on Facebook, or via email!

Tailored Sportsman Breech Alert!

Available at Farm House Tack.

Available at Farm House Tack.

For those of you that have seen the above photo going around or that may have seen it on my blog, I have been informed that Farm House Tack has all these colors available!

Which one is your favorite?

Happy shopping!