Washing Your Ogilvy Half Pad: How-To

I get a lot of search engine hits on my blog from people who have searched how to wash their Ogilvy half pads, so I decided to do a post on the topic!

1. Remove the memory foam inserts: This is an important step! You don’t want to wash the memory foam. Open the velcro at the top of the half pad and take out the inserts. You only want to wash the cover.

2. For stains, use OxyClean or another stain remover: If you have stains on your cover, I suggest using OxyClean or another stain remover. For my white Ogilvy pads and half pad cover, I spray OxyClean onto the stains and let it sit for approximately 1 – 5 minutes. I use a different stain remover, like Shout, for my half pad covers and pads that have colors on them. There are certain OxyClean products that are safe on colors, but I don’t want to take a risk! I suggest researching the OxyClean you have before putting it on any color fabric you have.

3. Use a small amount of detergent: Next, I put a tiny amount of detergent in the detergent dispenser. You don’t need a lot to get your pad clean – it’s not that big! I use regular detergent for lighter colors, but I highly recommend using Woolite Detergent for Dark Clothes for black or darker colored Ogilvy pads! My pad that is black with black binding and turquoise piping recently was washed in this detergent, and I loved it! I’ve also used this detergent for my black saddle pads.

4. Wash on gentle/delicate/handwash cycle: I always put my washing machine on the delicate or hand wash cycle. This has a low spin and uses cold water. My washing machine has settings for these cycles, so if yours doesn’t, just use the most gentle washing cycle you can.

5. Air dry: After the washing is done, I let my cover air dry. I’ve seen people say it can be put in the dryer, but I have not done that.. so do so at your own risk!

You can follow the same steps for your Ogilvy baby pads or other saddle pads. Instead of OxyClean on my white baby pads, I’ve actually used bleach to help get the stains out, but OxyClean works as well. It’s up to personal preference! Note, I use bleach on my baby pad that is ALL white – no embroidery or anything. I wouldn’t recommend bleaching a pad that has embroidery or any type of color on it. I just got another baby pad that has embroidery, and I will NOT be bleaching that when it needs to be washed. Also, if you are using this advice for another type of pad, don’t bleach any pads that have sheepskin or fleece, as this can destroy the fabric.

It’s important to keep your saddle pads clean. Sweat, hair, and other stuff sticks to the pad after each ride, and it can cause irritation eventually if you don’t care for the pad properly. Additionally, if you use your pads on multiple horses, and one happens to get a fungal or bacterial infection on its skin or coat, you can end up transferring the fungus or bacteria to another horse by accident!

5 thoughts on “Washing Your Ogilvy Half Pad: How-To

  1. I also put mine in the drier. But I do not put it on the regular cycle, I put it on the air dry setting for about 45-50 min and it works great! It tumbles it and has air flowing on it but no heat! Just a suggestion as well.

  2. What colour is the base/binding on the half pad with the turquoise piping? Its simply lovely! Great instructions by the way, will refer to this when I get my half pad.

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