Product Review: Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil

Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil

Both my horses started suffering from thrush earlier this fall, and I’ve been struggling to find something that dealt with it effectively. I was using Thrush Buster (the purple stuff), but it wasn’t doing as good of a job as I would’ve liked. I then switched to No Thrush, which is a dry formula. I had read really great reviews on it, so I wanted to give it a try. My horse also was developing some pretty bad heel cracks, so I thought the dry formula would be perfect because it would get in the cracks and stay there.

After a month of using the “No” Thrush, my horse’s feet were AWFUL. I had engaged in daily foot cleaning, and daily application of the No Thrush, and his feet were not healing. In fact, they were worse. My barn manager and I discovered that both of his frogs were falling off both of his front feet, and underneath was a coating of nasty, black thrush bacteria. Not the result I expected from a product advertised as getting rid of thrush, and it certainly was not living up to its review reputation.

After this, I was desperate, especially because my horse was coming up a bit short strided on the one foot that had the worst frog peeling. I scrubbed his feet out with betadine in hopes of getting rid of the bacteria until I could find a more effective thrush medication. It was after store hours, so I couldn’t really go anywhere to pick up something new.

One of my good barn friends had been using Farrier’s Fix on her horse who had deep heel cracks. She had experienced a lot of benefit from the product, so I decided to invest in a container of it to see if it would help my horse with his feet problems. After a week of applying this daily, my horse’s feet were looking a lot better. The thrush had not come back. His frog was beginning to heal a bit, and the heel cracks he had were starting to close up. My barn manager also commented on how great his feet looked. I’ve gone down to using it about 2 to 3 times a week, as recommended, but it is gentle enough to be used daily if needed. I also use it on my pony’s feet to prevent thrush, as his frogs have been getting some cracks due to all the moisture in the soil lately.

Farrier’s Fix has a lot of other benefits besides sealing the feet and preventing/treating thrush. It also minimizes soreness in horses and ponies that have been recently trimmed or have stone bruises, as well as minimizes the soreness associated with laminitis. It is easy to apply and comes with its own brush. The ingredients are also all-natural and provide the vitamins needed for good quality hooves.

A small hoof oil sized container retails for about $20, and a half gallon retails for about $60, depending on the vendor.

Overall, I’ve been happy with the product, and I will continue to use it to keep my horses’ feet health, moisturized, and bacteria-free!

Happy hoof picking!


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Farrier’s Fix Hoof Oil

  1. Good to know. My mare developed thrush while on an extended period of stall rest. I used Absorbine Hooflex Thrush Remedy ( 2-3 times a week and it cleared up. I like that the tip of the bottle is easy to get deep into the frog. I think it’s also important to let any product soak in thoroughly to maximize the impact. I like to pick feet and treat for thrush first, then finish my grooming and tack up process. Thanks for the review.

    • Yes! No Thrush had the same kind of tip, but it was not as effective. I also let it sit as well, but that didn’t seem to help it work any better. The big thing with No Thrush was also since it was dry, it would stay in the cracks better than wet applications would, but obviously I did not see any results that would support that. Thrush is hard to keep away, especially when we’re in the wetter seasons. I’ve gone through many thrush treatments in the years I’ve had horses. Another really awesome product is White Lightning, but they don’t make it as a gel anymore unless you buy tiny syringes, which I’m not a fan of.

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